The secret of your future is in your daily routine.

We often think, what is the secret behind any successful person?

We just think about his success but forget about her/her struggle behind it, which is the background story of his life. This background has a vital role to play. Which includes:

  • Discipline
  • Punctuality
  • Consistency
  • Smart work
  • Hard work
  • Etiquette
  • Objective
  • Pragmatic
  • Patience
  • Dedication

Good things take time, it’s not easy. While working on your goals or dreams, these matters must be dealt with with patience, gentleness, calmness. Because it will test you.

It’s a courageous step when you make up your mind to do something and going to be committed to your goal.

Commitment works in the long run because then you cannot betray your dreams and aspirations. If you do so it means youre betraying yourself. And only fools can do that.

Dedication, if you’re not dedicated and motivated then you’ll lose the purpose of your goal or interest over some time. You have to be passionate about your goals. You have to be mad at it. The presence of madness is necessary to keep going without even thinking about the surrounding. Then you don’t hear anybody’s sound but yourself.

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Give it a shot! 💫

Well, what I’ve discovered is that people don’t give much attention to a career like becoming a writer until you become famous or you until you’re very influential and powerful. Why is that so?

Why people don’t become full-time writer instead of keeping a part-time job? Or as a hobby?

Why people don’t perceive writers as they see Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, or officers? Why they change their lense when looking at them? Why above career paths fit in all the categories of dignity, compassion, pleasure, sound package.

Only an enlightened society can understand the value of writers. Not the foolish ones.

Why does the writer’s journey turn into a struggle? Why do they face complexion by society?

Why does the parent of a girl refuse to marry her daughter to somebody who is a writer by profession? Maybe because it’s a less paid career and they are insecure about their daughters future.

We need to educate other mass about the Significance and power of Writing.

Let’s begin with the “Ancient time” when people began with pictography, which means drawing pictures on the cave. Evidence tells it displayed hunting, fire, grazing, goat, dog, cat, domestication.


Eventually, people began writing on seals to preserve the information. Writing with a wooden stick on wet clay and kept them under the sun, until it got hard. Compiling all big pages became heavy and difficult.

People started writing on leaves, using threads for arranging the pages in the right order.

Medieval History, Mughal Emperor, look for writers who could write account details of the lifestyle and happy occasions of that time so that we could read it. They maintained sharp details and a brief description of every incident which took place. Most crucial was the War part. Details of the War. They always gave importance to writing because they know it’s necessary to preserve the information do later generations. Even paintings have an important role in creating history because it constructs the imagination of past glories.

Modern History, the Awakening of Real-world! When people start fabricating revolutionary columns, spreading awareness and radical ideas came up and the Crusades began between conservatives and moderns. Industrial Revolution brought changes in the writing world too. Newspapers, full of articles and news regarding the incidents. The poem, storytelling, evil practices like Sati, early marriage, black magic. It was the time when pamphlets, invitations, posters, articles were rolled. Philosophical ideas and thoughts emerged with Revolutionary ideas and theories.

The idea is to recall our past is clear, that Writing has been important in all time frame and without writers, it would have impossible to trace back then. Writing is the most powerful weapon. They gave us a glimpse of the past.

Writing content is not an easy task, it takes research, time, patience, concise and precise work. It’s requires compassion and direction. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea. It needs hard work and dedication. Consistency in your area of writing.

The frame of mind!

Writers are required everywhere, in every field. Writers must be praised and dignified because it takes a lot of courage to speak aloud. Writers take time because it’s not a piece of a joke but an important source, people rely on or read with heart. They can not publish anything which does not make sense. They need to go through a lit of things before anything gets published.

Censorship also plays an integral part as the government keep an eye on the content being published to the audience. People should not read which is unhealthy or inappropriate for the spectators.

Critics, you always face this even if the content is good. Because you can’t feed everybody mind and temperament. You can’t keep everyone happy all the time.


It is true that if writers are passionate about writing then they won’t get bore they will enjoy the task and for some, it’s a Leisure time to write.

There are. Various dimensions of writing or creating content. Genres- Suspense, thriller, drama, romance or factual information.

The writer has to write detail characters and their role in the story. One has to bring the positive and negative balanced message to the readers.

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I came across this beautiful word, “Serendipity” which means “Happy Accidents”

Best things happen when you don’t expect anything!

Yes, it happens!

When you meet your school mate accidentally after a long time. That meeting is more fun and exciting. Catching up together without expecting each other.

Finding something without looking for it, often happen in researching some issues, or dealing in various cases.

We have often noticed, whenever we plan parties, meeting, trip or any special occasion. It doesn’t happen exactly the way we want. It’s cancelled or postponed. That’s why we say, ” Don’t set high expectations, it always leads to disappointment”

Imagine, going on shopping and without expecting any offer or sale. Then, you discover that you’ve won prizes or vouchers at your favourite brand. It’s a happy moment.

When you least expect to cross the borderline in final exams, and you score decent marks. It’s a moment of relief.

Why sudden trips are amazing? Because you just plan the location and tickets, the rest of the things could figure out later. And you don’t have many things in your mind. You go there, explore everything and act according to the mood and tone of the situation.

People who plan out everything could be on the right track the way they have always been but when unexpected things occur they might not able to tackle the issue. Because they have never faced one.

So, the conclusion is Planning is vital for living the lifestyle we want but not with high expectations. There should be a minimal calculation of input and expected output. You must have a sketchy idea in your head and don’t overlook it.

Serendipity are exceptions!

It does not happen always.

Dot connects the dot.

God has a plan for you. We all reach our destination when we put in hard work and dedication rigorously, don’t make it entangled. We say “Go With the Flow” just “Go On” and don’t stop until you arrive. Beautiful things happen with pure spirits. Maybe you’re the one. 💙 All the best and good luck in life! Love, luck, peace and sending blessing in abundance.

I hope you must have experienced Serendipity in your life, and you could relate to the post. If this is. The case then please do share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Lillium Lancifolium

Lilies are the most resourceful and elegant flower. And they are adored for their lovely variety of shades. It’s found in 100 varieties across Northern Hemisphere – Asia, Europe, North America because of the tropical climate. Belong to the family of Liliancae.

It can develop from the bulb or seed both. They grow anywhere between 2 to 6 feet. Lilies are Perennial plants and can grow pretty well without much human intervention. It’s quite extrovert and social in the sense that they cannot grow alone, put them in a group of 3 or 4 and see the result. How faster they grow.

Blue and white lilies!
A mesmerising fragrance that has a positive effect on the mind!
Tiger Lily: it’s in orange colour, and carries brown or black frickles. It has essence touches heart!
Lily, is the short name of Elizabeth, taken from the Hebrew phrase.
Symbol of Purity and Motherhood!
Beauty, Royalty, Elegance, Rebirth, Elegance.
It brings good Luck and Positive Energy into life!

In China, lilies are used at weddings because they are tied to 100 years of love. They are also tied to good luck. Lilies are edible, that’s why more often they’re used for Garnishing food at restaurants. It also means devotion.

There is nothing like offseason because sellers are always happy to sell these lilies throughout the year for every occasion. It’s amongst the top flowers.

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Hello, everyone!

I wasn’t posting lately, due to some reasons but now I’m back with the same energy and enthusiasm and I hope you’ll like the post that I’m going to post.

She is a flower, but also the sun that lets her bloom!

What could be better than nature? We accept it or not, but we are thankful for nature for millions of reasons. Flowers are one of them, the remedy of all crises. Way of saying sorry, expressing love and gratitude, for lightening mood, showing extra love, any decoration to the last funeral. We all require flowers. Flowers are a blessing. It’s a gift from God. To correct every mistake and to brighten any occasion.

Every flower has its journey and destination. They enjoy blooming left to right, then right to left. They smile all the time and make others smile. The fragrance hit the nostrils of every person.

Some are overrated and so we are in high demand. Some are cheap and some are expensive. So, also support the vendors who sell them and cover their beauty with different coloured sheets and plastic with few more petals.

Roses and roses!
Not so overrated 🌐 everyone is mad at red roses, why don’t people try sending blue roses to loved ones. These are so soothing to the eyes!
These are not just flowers but beauty. The pastel colour is rare to find and unique to look at. Smells so good, not easily available to give someone.

AMRITA SHER GIL (1913-1941)

The female Pioneer of Modern Indian Art.

One of the greatest Avant-Garde women artist of the early 20th century.

Revolutionary epitomized.

Amrita Sher Gil, Three Girls (1935)  Oil on Canvas

The first time, I saw this painting on the wall of Mandap, in my school. you guys won’t believe that It took 11years to understand this painting as we used to offer prayer on the mandap and never paid attention to the painting. Until studied her paintings in higher grades. I didn’t know the value of it. and now I’m here to describe her.

Three women, dressed in colourful attire. Contemplating Destiny they are unable to change. Facing great adversity yet having their spirit to transcend a destiny. The facial expression, body language and skilful use complexions and rhythms of colouring. and this painting won the Gold medal too.

Amrita says I realised my real artistic mission, to interpret the life of Indians, and particularly the poor and underprivileged pictorially. To paint those voiceless images of infinite submission and patience. To reproduce on canvas the impression those sad eyes created on me.

Amrita Sher Gil, a self-portrait of 1931.

Considered Revolutionary, as she blended elements of the Traditional and experiences, her paintings are carved out with eloquent symbols of the human condition.

28years of her brief existence, an extraordinary Talent of Amrita, defines her paintings, are amongst the most expensive by Indian women painters.

Despite, her short career as an Artist, remains one of the most captivating, curious, and enticing of all.

Amrita Sher Gil, October 4, 1936.

Born in Budapest, Hungary in 1913. Died in Pakistan. Her mother was Hungarian married to Shergil, who was Indian. She has been often recognising as “Frida Kahlo” who is one of the nations most celebrated female modern artist.

A self-portrait of 1930s
Brahmacharis 1937, the story of Indian art.
Brides toilet, 1937. Showing the scene before the pre-wedding. How ladies are helping the bride to get ready in the traditional way. The way it uses to transpire in old days. Bride surrounded by women.
Two Elephants together, the 1940s.
The horse.

She has made such a significant contribution to Asian art and works of Women artist. Her achievements have been recognised internationally and through exhibitions.

During her last year’s she began to draw elements from Mughal Miniature paintings, understanding more fully both the subjectivity and the titles of the format.

Extreme poverty, and the scene of the village.
The silence of the underprivileged.

I hope, you guys like this blog as I’ve put together her life and work with passion and zeal. Do let me know more about the content. Write below in the comment section. And my upcoming artist would be Raja Ravi Verma.

JAMINI ROY (1887-1972)

A treasure of Modern Art

One of the most iconic and my favourite figures of Modern Indian art of the mid 20th century.

Award winner, Padma Bhushan (1954) Viceroys Gold medalist, Fellow of the Lalit Kala Akademi (1955).

His Rural birthplace would later assume a huge significance in defining the new turns in huge significance.

Three women standing together, pose of celebrating the festival and holding thali in her hand which has traditional sweet. And women often wear saree in Bengal.
Santhal women with son in her hand.

Roy features Santhal women in his paintings and painted it with angular lines and the artwork shows women engaged in their daily household chores.

A set of Romantic studies of the Tribal Santhal Women of eastern India that carry Echoes of Bengal school Manerism. And his experiments with new ideas.

Depicting the culture of Bengal and fishes are an important source of food in Bengal.
Three generations in single frame

Small details are very important and shouting out loud the culture and changes occurred in three generations. The clear cut of eyes, nose and lips. Eyes have a spark and attractive. Wearing Jewellery was essential even in daily life. The way they are holding each other shows integrity and love for each other. Nose ring signifies that they are married. Three colours were most commonly used by artist blue, red and green. The pallu on her head displays culture. And the way sarees are worn by two generations and little kid is wearing a suit.

Roy painted all animals in very easy and sharp cuts.

He sought inspiration from East Asian Calligraphy, Terracota temples, folk arts and Crafts Traditions. and it’s relevant today. It’s valuable and only a skilled person can draw.

While most of the indain painters, we’re getting popularity and good return from their work. But Roy stood out for his Love towards Indian roots.

He rejected his academic training and instead developed a Linear decorative, colourful style based on Bengali Folk traditions. He rejected western artistic styles and searched for a more Indian form of artistic representation.

He Doubted the intentions of the buyer, who would buy his paintings and buyers passion for art.

Inspired by the simple beauty of Kalighat, paintings, Roy shifted his focus to Rural India especially the use of European paints.

Lonely women
Folk dance style
Twin’s kitten

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