“To make someone want something, you only have to make it difficult to get.”

Don’t be available for everyone, don’t accept easily. Let the other person, make efforts to convince you, to stay in your life. Your life is not a room in the hotel, where anyone can enter and exit according to their will. It’s your life and heart. Be rigid and let the other person try harder to get you. You have to be strong and little susceptible to the people who are about to enter your life.

Don’t give easy access to your heart. Let the person realise that you’re not an ordinary person. You have a heart made of steel. It’s not a cakewalk for them.

Set your course by the stars, not by the lights of every passing ship.

Self-love is very essential, and for that matter, you need to create your rule book. And rule your life according to your will. Not by becoming puppet and following others.

Youre queen, or king of your life. You don’t need to change for others. Change is only good when it’s feeding your inner soul.

Wear your crown, govern your life!

Know your worth, and let others know about the same.

Value your worth.

” You, Only have to make it difficult to get”

It’s not easy to get a visa from other countries. You apply for it, you follow the procedure and trust the process. Then you wait for it. And you never know you get a permit or might face rejection. Then you apply again then the hassle is real. So make it that hard.

Can you taste your own medicine?

Sometimes, we are better at advising other people, and suggesting to them what to do in the worst scenarios.will help them with N number of things to do. But when it comes with dealing your problem, you lose your shit. You cannot follow your own medication. You will have a difficult time.

You’ll always have a problem, in following your strategies to cope with. I mean strategies you advice others.

We can be good counsellors for others, but not for yourself. You become a poor conductor of stress.

The truth is, suggesting and advising can be easy but following them could be really tough.

Only limited people have this power to taste their own medicine. Because they believe in inner peace and stability. They do yoga and work on mental peace.

I can give a lecture for more than 2 hours on sometimes but when it comes to myself. I become terrible at things.

Tell me, if you guys can follow, what you suggest others to do? Is it difficult for you or easy?

Waiting and wanting

Yeah, I’m desperately waiting for my 20th follower. I know it’s a tiny number, but for me, it’s a milestone. I hope many of you can understand the feeling of getting each follower as a blessing.

Each follower is very important and special. An increasing number of followers gives you immense courage and motivation to blog more and more with dedication.

I can’t thank enough, for following me and becoming part of my site. Thank you so much!

You guys have accepted my work, without making me feel anxious or tensed. You guys made it a lot easier to express here.

I know, I’m making little mistakes but with practice and trying to make it better will lead to quality blogs. It’s just an initial stage and more stages to tho through. I’m always ready to make changes wherever I feel the necessity to make one.

You guys might think people celebrate when it crosses 100, 500, 1000, 4000 but me celebrating at 20 follwers, I know it’s insane but wanted to express my gratitude. 🙈

I believe!



These cakes and pastry are so beautiful and mouth-watering. What we all need to bake them?

Few ingredients, like flour, butter, flavour, eggs, oil an oven, pan? And of course, an ample amount of time to bake, place in the oven, and all this process gonna be a delicate one. You can’t hurry up and leave like that. You need to be there till the cake comes out with good smell and shape. The cake is something, it has to be good looking and delicious, shape and taste both matter, equally. And Decorating it with full heart and soul paves the way for the final touch of serving to loved ones.

So, we got the point that baking is not as easy as we think even if we all the ingredients at home and an oven. It takes a lot of other things like attention, dedication, delicate balance and time. Where shape and taste both matter and even the smell of the cream, bread. Decorations are last resort to jump on. Which makes more attractive.

Same way, opportunities are in front of us like ingredients of the cake, most of us all of the things at home but prefer ordering cake from outside. Opportunities are around the corner, but we don’t see them. We wait for somebody to help us and serve us on a platter. Will, everybody is not fortunate to have one mentor in their life. But you have to be you’re guiding angel. We need to put our efforts hard to eat that delicious cake.

Sometimes, everything we need is right in front of us. It’s A matter of how bad or good do you want it.

Only your efforts will make it, and rest on God. Don’t leave the kitchen after getting frustrated, if your cake goes bad shape or burn. Try to fix it then and there.

Ingredient to make meaning out of your opportunities, Dedication, patience, delicacy, attention, hard work, a good heart and soul.

Is it yours?


Some days are like blessings and some days are like drought.

Some days feel like the best day of the world and some days are the worst day of the earth.

Some days we laugh all along, and some days are for crying.

Some days you feel high and some days low.

Some days, we are grateful for everything, and another day we are blaming and nagging around.

Happy days are short and sad days are neverending.

I hope, we enjoy every day, and we cherish every moment. 🌻

All days are equilateral,

Time flies. 🦋

Why wait for others?

Because you’re sunshine!
Don't wait for others to serve you on a platter. Have the spirit to do it yourself. You don't need anyone to treat you like a princess, because you're the prince of your fairy tale. There is no witchcraft happening in reality. Stay healthy and capable of doing things for yourself. Why wait for others to give you gifts? Buy for yourself, whatever you desire. Manifest every day!
It’s your story!

Don’t wait for others to write your story. Sketch your imagination and bring it to reality.

Game changer!

Lights will guide you!

Isn’t a beautiful painting, with a strong message to represent?

There are several things, which contributes towards the success of the real winner of the game.

Success is not reaped by only one person, but the number of other people who plays a significant role in supporting, believing, sacrificing and loved them unconditionally. Who always stand by them.

There is little magic, which gives the final touch to the success. It takes a lot of courage, determination, dedication, a pinch of sweat and all ups and down to face.

Each person who participated in your success story, never let them go. And always stay gentle and grateful towards them. Because you’re nothing without them.

Every journey and the success story has a unique blend of colour. Everybody has different players, some have parents, some have friends, just Mom or just Dad, maybe teachers, or grandparents. Some have strangers who might have supported.

Lights will guide you until you stop following it.

Your final destination will arrive promptly. Don’t hurry up, just enjoy the process and trust your journey.

Real players
Each count matter!


Aspiration, Desire, Wish, light, Expectation, Optimism


Hope, is invisible. It’s the emotion of believing in something. A strong feeling of succeeding and fulfilling goals, desire, aspirations. That hope drives you, to wait until the end. Hope, makes you gentle and patient. It makes you a better person, not only from outside but from inside too. We all are driven by hope. We are dependent on a better destiny, opportunities and optimistic results.

Many people are alive because they believe in a better future and conditions will improve by time. We all undergo major or minor changes. That does not mean, we will lose hope and give up. We keep trying until we make it.

You have to convince yourself every day, that “I will be able to make it” only you know the price of your dreams.

Trust your journey, have faith and courage to hold

Stronger than fear!

Hope, gives you chances to do it again and better than before. It gives you the strength to start all over again, it’s like a fuel to your engine of life.

Being optimistic is better than pessimistic about anything and everything.

Optimism is a positive vibe and creates an aura inside the room, which makes the person shine and glow.

Trying is better than doing nothing. At least yours trying to fix things. And you only try when you know you have chances to succeed. And for that, you need to believe.

Hope is not a small word or little meaning to comprehend. It’s a powerful tool for life-changing facets.

One idea can change your life.

Hope is interconnected with big words, like happiness, prosperity and optimism. It leads to success and gives new meaning to you’re existence.

Be grateful that you’re alive, hope is not for the dead people.

You decide, are you alive or dead?

All we have is Now!
Keep trying!

What you seek, is already seeking you!
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